Cumberland Amateur Radio Club   International Grid Chase Results

It is my pleasure to report about the On-The-Air achievements of so many Cumberland Amateur Radio Club members.


Frank Mellott, KB3PQT provided the material in this section.

Leadership of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is pleased to announce that seven members participated in the ARRL International Grid Chase Challenge in 2018.  This year long contest  attracted 44,964 international users of the ARRL Logbook of The World (LOTW) software application and database.

In conjunction with the contest, CARC members competed against each other to see who could achieve the highest score based on six criteria:

  1. Contacts made
  2. Individual Maidenhead grid squares confirmed
  3. The highest monthly national ranking overall on the IGC Leaderboard
  4. Bonus points for being ranked in the top 10% monthly on the IGC Leaderboard
  5. Bonus points for being the highest ranked overall on the IGC Leaderboard
  6. Bonus points for having the most, 2nd-most and 3rd-most QSO’s (contacts)


Thank you, Frank.

Frank Mellott, KB3PQT tallied a ton of data that he harvested from the ARRL International Grid Chase site.  Frank also created a scoring system for our internal purposes.  The outcome of all that database analysis and mathematics is that Frank scored 800 on the CARC Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for Math and another 800 for Verbal.  I think that qualifies Frank for membership in the National Honor Society.  Thank you for your efforts, Frank.

Did someone say — Show us the results?  Yes.  I have the results.  Here they come, 

CARC Grand Award goes to Roger Wheeler K3SU for placing highest among CARC Members.

CARC High Scorer also goes to Roger Wheeler K3SU.

CARC Tortoise Award goes to Andy Forsyth AF3I in recognition of slow and steady performance through the year.

CARC Second Place Award goes to Andy Forsyth AF3I because of the cumulative effect of his slow and steady pace.

CARC Third Place Award was presented to Richard Johnson N3EPY.

The first CARC Participation Award went to Steve Hancock N3FWE.

The second CARC Participation Award was earned by Frank Mellott KB3PQT.

The third CARC Participation Award is with Ed LeTersky KB3RKM.

Congratulations to all who participated in the ARRL International Grid Chase and who placed in the upper tiers of our rankings.