Earlier today I received an interesting eMail from a good friend who is located in South Carolina. 

He is a big fan of State QSO Parties.  From prior eMails I have a sense that he is a creative type of person who continually seeks to improve the things that amateur radio operators enjoy — especially the various State QSO Parties.

Some background — What is a State QSO Party?   A State QSO Party is a Ham Radio Contesting event.  Some people use the term Radio Sport which means the same as contesting.  A State QSO Party is a competitive event that takes place among ham radio operators. 

Just about every state in the USA has a weekend set aside to be their State QSO Party.  (The calendar is crowded some weekends with two or more State QSO Parties taking place at the same time.)   During that weekend participants who live outside of the designated state have a goal of making as many two-way radio contacts as possible with hams located in the designated state.  Participants who live in the designated state have a goal of making two-way radio contacts with everyone — in-state and out-of-state.

State QSO Parties typically have a Points and Multiplier calculation that leads to calculating a Score.  A common element among so many of the State QSO Parties is the use of their Counties as multiplier factors.  

The State QSO Party Challenge takes all the excitement generated by these weekend contests and accumulates results across all participating states and across the entire calendar year.  The result can be a BIG SCORE for the type of ham radio operator who enters several different State QSO Party contest during the course of a year.

There are all kinds of details at www.StateQSOParty.com    Take a look.

The short version of what you will find is that ham radio operators continue to enter the State QSO Party contests of their choice.  Likewise, ham radio operators continue to submit their scoring results to the various State QSO Party Sponsors.

What makes this State QSO Party Challenge work is driven by the www.3830scores.com website.  Most of the work takes place behind the scenes.  Participating Ham Radio Operators have one up-front action they need to take.  That is, submit your State QSO Party score to the www.3830scores.com website.  Do this in addition to any other steps you may take to submit your score to the State QSO Party sponsor.

Each month the fine folks at www.3830scores.com will extract data from the State QSO Party scores that have been submitted and populate the new State QSO Party Challenge database.  Could it be any easier?

The State QSO Party Challenge scoring is pretty simple.  The total number of State QSO Party contacts you made during the year is multiplied by the number of different State QSO Party contests in which you participated during the year.  You probably picked up on the two incentives — 1.)  Make as many State QSO Party contacts as possible.  2.)  Participate in as many different State QSO Party contests as possible.  Let’s add a third incentive — 3.)  Have Fun !

Posted by:   Andrew Forsyth  AF3I