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Posted  November 29, 2018.

Cumberland Amateur Radio Club envisions itself as THE PLACE where newly licensed hams will choose to go when they have questions or any type of curiosity about what a person can do with his or her Ham Radio License.  Chances are, one of us can show you what is involved and perhaps let you “take a test drive” before spending your hard-earned money.

This is Club President Andy Forsyth sharing my thoughts.  My plan for keeping this Hot Stuff / Trending Topics page alive is to post a couple of paragraphs from a recent How Do I… article here and then invite you to follow the link which will download the entire article.  Unlike High School English Class, there will be no Book Report due at the end of the semester, no bibliography, and no footnotes.  Is that cool, or what?

With that in mind, I introduce a brand new article:  PCs and Radio
with authorship credit to Frank Mellott KB3PQT.

In another article in the How Do I… series we discussed smart phone apps.  (Visit our Resources page and look for “There is an App for that”.)  Today let’s look at what is on the PC.  I am lucky enough to have a Windows computer I can leave in the ham radio shack.  I turn it on every time I am on-the-air. 

What software is on it?

Follow the link (shown above) to where you can read and enjoy the full story.   When you get there, if you see a thumbnail icon click that to download and open the full-sized PDF.

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Frank Mellott, KB3PQT