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Posted  January 10, 2019.

Cumberland Amateur Radio Club envisions itself as THE PLACE where newly licensed hams will choose to go when they have questions or any type of curiosity about what a person can do with his or her Ham Radio License.  Chances are, one of us can show you what is involved and perhaps let you “take a test drive” before spending your hard-earned money.


With that in mind, I introduce a brand new article, posted February 10, 2019:
Moving Beyond the Rubber Duck [PDF] with authorship credit to Frank Mellott KB3PQT.

The stock factory rubber duck antenna that comes with your HT
works but generally can do so much better.

Follow the link (shown above) and Have a Nice Read !


Here is Frank’s How Do I… article titled Practice Makes Perfect [PDF]

Whether you are playing football for a national championship caliber college team or golfing or playing radio, as they say — Practice Makes Perfect.

How do you practice? Get on the air! Join a local club like this one. Participate in the on air nets. “Talk” to folks.

Follow the link (shown above) to where you can read and enjoy the full story.   When you get there, if you see a thumbnail icon click that to download and open the full-sized PDF.



Posted  January 31, 2019.

It seems as if Frank Mellott stayed indoors due to the cold temperatures and wet precipitation the past few days.  Though provoking question — is precipitation ever not wet?

The good news is that Frank has created new content for our web page.  

As the beneficiary of Frank’s effort, you have something new to explore.  Enjoy, please.

“I had high hopes for Winter Field Day 2019.  Then life interfered.”

“So I did what I should have done years ago.  I upgraded.”

Read more about Frank’s contest weekend in the article titled:  Skill vs Luck [PDF]


Frank Mellott, KB3PQT