How Do I Write a How Do I… Article?

William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Sinclair Lewis, Upton Sinclair, Aldous Huxley,
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Rachel Carlson, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Barbara W. Tuchman, Anne Frank, Robert McCloskey, Elizabeth Guilfoile, Maya Angelou, Frank Mellott, You!.

If you would like to create content for the CARC website you can be in the company of those famous authors named above.  All you need to do is…

Navigate over to the RESOURCES page,   Scroll around until you find the Headline SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT.  There you will find the full article from which the above “teaser” was extracted.  Read the PDF version first.  If you envision yourself someday having a Pulitzer Prize on your desk then download the DOCX version as well.  It is the starting point in terms of the document layout.  What you write is up to you.  Good Luck!

•Author:  Andrew Forsyth,  AF3I