Addresses for now.  Your GPS or Smart Phone will get you there.  I promise.

Hoss's Steak and Sea House -- Family Restaurant

Monthly Meeting Location

Address:  61 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA   (Upper Allen Township)

Next door to Stauffer's of Kissel Hill Garden Center and shares the same parking area.

Shaffer Park

Field Day 2016 Site

Field Day 2018 Site


Address:  1649 Spring Road, Carlisle, PA   (North Middleton Township)

This is Route 34, north of town, beyond the Car Show Fairgrounds and on the north side of the PA Turnpike.

Directly opposite Sterrett's Gap Avenue which is a more visible landmark.

Farmer's Market Family Restaurant

Field Day Breakfast Venue

Address:  260 York Road,  Carlisle, PA  17013

If you can visualize where I-81 passes over Route 74, and the entrance ramp to I-81 southbound, then you are very close to the restaurant.

Anile's Restaurant

Good Eating

Address:  6 Front Street, Boiling Springs, PA  17007

Momma Spriggs Restaurant

A nice place to eat

Address:  160 York Road, Carlisle, PA  17013

This is Route 74, mostly east and a little south of town.

The restaurant is across the road from the back side of Lowes Home Center.

TJ Rockwell's

Holiday Brunch Venue

Address:  896 West Grantham Road, Grantham, PA  17055 (Mechanicsburg Mailing Address)

Next door to Ashcombe's Garden Center.  Approach from either William's Grove Road to the west, or Gettysburg Pike to the east.

Vietnam Veterans of America

HRAC Winterfest Venue

Address:  8000 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA  17101

Go past The Wharf Restaurant. Keep going to where PENNDOT has their EZ-PASS Service Center.

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