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We usually meet at the Hoss's Steak and Sea House Restaurant located at 61 Gettysburg Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA  (Upper Allen Township).  Meeting dates are the third Wednesday of each month, January through November.

The Hoss's Staff will take our food and beverage orders in the meeting room.  When arriving, simply say the magic words "Radio Club Meeting" to the Hoss's Host and you will be directed to our meeting room.

If you enjoy eating dinner and talking about Ham Radio before the meeting then arrive about 6 p.m.  If you would like to attend the business meeting then please arrive by 7:30 p.m.  Either way, we try to complete our agenda and head home before 9 p.m.

We begin some meetings with an activity that reminds me of Show and Tell, which you probably remember from your school days.  As part of the prior meeting we select the next month's topic that has some connection to our hobby.  Each person tells a brief story with that theme.  Everyone takes a turn, or you can pass.  If the agenda is filled we skip this topic.

Meeting Details are listed below the blue line.

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If there is a reason we need to cancel a meeting a notification will be posted here.  In case of inclement winter weather you may wish to check here before travelling. 

I plan to use the words and colors ON SCHEDULE (green), AT RISK (orange) and CANCELLED (red) to describe the meeting status.  

If I use AT RISK (orange) then something about the forecast is in doubt.  Please check again closer to the event date/time.

** Monthly Meeting

   Wednesday September 19, 2018

The Wednesday September 19, 2018 Monthly Meeting is ON SCHEDULE. 

The weather forecast is improving.  No worries.  Meeting is ON.

** Weekly 2 Meter Net

   Sunday Night

The Sunday Night 2 Meter Net is ON SCHEDULE .

** Weekly 10 Meter Net

   Wednesday Night ex. Meeting night

The Wednesday Night 10 Meter Net is ON SCHEDULE.

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September 19, 2018 Wednesday

CARC Monthly Meeting

Status:  Upcoming

Agenda --

Remembering Ed Dyer, KB3IRF who passed away Monday September 3, 2018.

Final preparations for CARC's participation in the the 2018 PA QSO Party to be held Saturday October 13, 2018.  Frank Mellott, Leader.

Nearly final preparations for the Dillsburg Farmer's Fair Fantastic Parade to be held Saturday Evening October 20, 2018.  Harry Fasick, Leader.

The BYOB Fairy may have some interesting items to share with adult meeting attendees.  The words Chardonay, Moscato, Merlot, and California Sweet Red will play an important role is this optional activity.  More to come.

December Holiday Brunch is on my mind as I write this note.  In her capacity as the Reservation Coordinator I hope we will have a few words from Valli Hoski, Leader.


I've added a couple of really nice items to the Door Prize pool.

a.)  RESCUE TAPE.  This is the stuff and fuses onto itself and makes a really water-tight seal.

b.)  My friends at WEST MOUNTAIN RADIO convinced me they have something we cannot do without.  It is a USB GPS DONGLE that provides a way for WSJT-X fanatics to synchronize their PC Time Clock against the GPS Satellites without the need for an Internet connection.  This may be of special interest to those who operate portable away from the amenities of home.


Soliciting expressions of interest to be listed on the ballot for Club Officer Elections.  We publish the slate of candidates immediately following the October meeting.  

August 15, 2018 Wednesday

CARC Monthly Meeting

Status:  Successfully Completed

Agenda -- We talked about the recently completed Mechanicsburg Borough Community Day in the Park.  We had a great turn out by members of the community.  Lots of young people stopped and learned about Morse Code.  Several sons, daughters, and neighbors of ham radio operators shared their memories with us. 

We talked about a proposed change to the way in which we conduct our meetings.  We will still follow the principles described in Robert's Rules of Order but in some cases I propose that we will use the General Consent model.  

Planning for the PA QSO Party in October.  The Club plans to operate Multi- Operator, Multi-Transmitter from a member's home in Dillsburg.

Planning for Farmer's Fair Parade. also in October.

July 18, 2018 Wednesday

CARC Monthly Meeting

Status:  Successfully Completed.

Field Day 2018 Recap -- Weather, Food, Facilities, Radio Conditions, Bonus Points, Radio Contact Points, Overall Results,  

A few words about the Dillsburg Banner Community Newspaper .

Celebrating the 60th year of Licensed Amateur Radio Operation on the parts of Harry Fasick K3EYL and Garry Fasick K3EYL. Originally licensed in 1958 with Novice Callsigns (KN3 prefix).  

Liittlestown Library Summer Reading Program Recap -- Libraries Rock !

PA QSO Party Planning and Pep Talk

Farmer's Fair Parade Community Service Planning and Pep Talk

Remembering Grace Funkhouser

A new Word Search Puzzle 7.

Sticker distribution.  Collect one each meeting month.

I hope to see you at this meeting.  We still have some twilight at the end of the meeting so that you can easily find your way home.

June 20, 2018 Wednesday

CARC Monthly Meeting

Status:  Successfully Completed.

We started the meeting with an Audience Participation exercise.  Each attendee was given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.  The assembled group collaborated to put together the puzzle.  They were successful. The completed puzzle spelled out Backbone.  You might ask -- What does that word have to do with Ham Radio?   A member/friend recently shared a story with me.  The story says that every organization contains four type of bones:  Wishbones, Jawbones, Knucklebones, and Backbones.  I was absolutely thrilled to see fifteen of our CARC Members pull-together and build the puzzle in record time.  They are the Backbone of our Club.


Time flies.  This is the last meeting prior to our big Field Day Event.  We need to work out a few details.  Please read the questions.  If you are one of the owners please prepare an update for our meeting.


Question to the Food Preparation Team for Saturday Night Supper.  Will you be providing any necessary cooking grills, or do we need an alternate source?

Ditto on the cooking and serving utensils.

I plan to bring a big supply of plastic containers for left-overs.  Perhaps we could talk about the menu to help me in my planning.


Question to anyone who has knowledge of the Cabin interior renovations.  I know the restrooms were extensively updated.  I can't remember whether they still offer showers.  In case we have one of those hot and sweaty weekends I need to know whether to bring soap, washcloth, and a towel, or should I bring a can of air freshener?


Question:  What is the weather forecast for Field Day Weekend?  Where is Al Roker when we need him?   If anyone has one of those Magic 8 Ball toys please see what it tells you and then share with the rest of us.  


Non-Field Day Topic -- Something has changed at the Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs.  I drove past the shop tonight on my way to dinner and saw signs telling me about new longer hours of operation and a new menu featuring Authentic Mexican Food.  I am going to schedule about 5 minutes of our meeting agenda for food and coffee discussion.  If you are a Customer of Caffe 101 please update us.

See you soon.


May 16, 2018 Wednesday 
CARC Monthly Meeting
Status:  Successfully Completed

For all practical purposes, this will be the last-chance meeting prior to Field Day.  Last-Chance in the sense that there will be sufficient time to act on any topics that come to light at this meeting.   Our June meeting falls so close to Field Day, which gives us only two days lead time.

We talked about Field Day Operations, Field Day PINS, Hats, T-Shirts, Mugs, Fun-Fest, and Farmers Fair Parade.  I have more topics in the works.  After conducting multiple repeated quality control and freshness verifications I plan to reschedule the Members Appreciation Reward Distribution originally planned for our February Meeting.  Girl Scout Cookies (Trefoils and Thin Mints) are a critical component of our celebration.  If I appear to be carrying a few extra pounds around my waistline you will know how that happened.

If nothing else, please consider snapping a photograph of yourself and your ham radio station.  If you saw the beginnings of our Members Area photo album then you know we have a few gaps in need of photos.  

Word Search Puzzle #5 has been posted in the FILES area of our website.  I put extra effort into making this month's puzzle especially difficult.  Only the best will be able to solve this one.  The theme of Puzzle #5 is the Clubs and other Field Day Operations who entered as ARRL EPA Section.

Remember that old saying -- Don't take any wooden nickels.  I am going to have to research the context in which that saying was used, and what the saying actually meant. Regardless -- I expect to have 750 brand new wooden nickels and will share a tiny fraction of that number with anyone present at our May 16th meeting.

April 18, 2018 Wednesday
CARC Monthly Meeting
Status:  Successfully Completed

What needs to be done?

Field Day planning needs a jump start.  Although we will return to Shaffer Park where we traditionally ran our Field Day operation, we likely will find things different than in the past.  This is due to the renovations that have been made to the Shaffer Park Cabin.  

We need to be thinking about our Eating and Sleeping arrangements.  The sleeping rooms are gone.  Some of us may need to sleep under the stars or pitch a tent.

My business travel will interfere with my attendance at this meeting.

Word Search Puzzle #4 is waiting for you.

There will be some information about Adams County Library Fun Fest June 8 and perhaps a recap of the recent Carlisle C.A.R.E.S Community Celebration.

For those who wish to keep their Contest Skills well-sharpened and ready for Field Day I recommend the upcoming Florida QSO Party on Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29.  See for the times and other details.

March 21, 2018 Wednesday 
CARC Monthly Meeting
Status:  Cancelled due to snow

As certain as the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West we will have our next CARC Meeting on Wedneday March 21, 2018 at the Hoss's Steak and Sea House located at 61 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA.  Eating time arrives about 6 p.m.   Meeting time arrives at 7:30 p.m.

As the meeting date draws closer please consider working on Word Search Puzzle #3 and tell us how you did.  I will post the Download Link around March 8. 

Also around March 1 I will be out at the ARRL Web Page looking for the Field Day 2018 Packet.  If there are any Rule Changes, or new Bonus Point opportunities I want to get a jump start on folding them into our plans.

My other take-away from the February Meeting is to put together a planning document for the various Operating Positions we will use on Field Day.  With the recent renovations to the Shaffer Park Cabin we might need to rethink our equipment and cable placements.

One of my favorite Daisy Girl Scouts gave a great sales pitch for Girl Scout Cookies and got a huge order in return.  Forty-two boxes are on their way to PopPop's house. (They arrived!) Celebrating the cookie arrival, we will hold our Annual Member Appreciation Event as part of our March meeting.  Girl Scout Cookiers are a special component of that event.  

It was my pleasure and privilege to particpate in the WSJT-X FT8 DXpedition tests on the evening of March 6 (local time).  I worked W7/KH7Z from Arizona and K9AN from Illinois.  It was impressive to watch as the WSJT-X Team made and confirmed upwards of 400 QSOs per hour in the new DXpedition Fox & Hound Mode.  I plan to create a meeting activity around this topic.


February 21, 2018 Wednesday
CARC Monthly Meeting 
Status:  Successfully Completed
Hey Guys.    Watch me do this!     Did I capture your interest?

In preparation for our next meeting perhaps you could shuffle through your collection of QSL Cards.  If you worked the Panama Canal Zone back when Canal Zone was a DXCC entity then there is a guy named Mike Paulson who would like to have a scanned image of your QSL Cards.  He has family ties to the CZ and has been building a tribute website to the many hams who were on-the-air from CZ, most likely tied to their military service.  

If you have your own scanner or multi-function printer I will post a link to his request.  If you do not have a scanner I will bring one to our February meeting.  All he is asking is for you to scan the front and back of the cards and email the image files to him. 

Mike asked that the scanned images be made a 100 dpi resolution.

My scanner let me get down to 200 dpi.  I welcome ideas for how to go lower.

eMail Mike Paulson:

Web Site:


Other items of interest on the February meeting agenda:

ARRL International Grid Chase.  N3FWE has cranked up a great score.  I plan to report on his impressive efforts.

ARRL LOTW is the key to participating in the International Grid Chase

I have some CAUGHT DOING SOMETHING GOOD coins to distribute.

There is a Word Search puzzle on our FILES page.  Select Puzzle 2.

I handed out CERTIFICATES to travelling participants in our PA QSO SAFARI.


January 17, 2018 Wednesday
CARC Monthly Meeting
Status:  Suecessfully Completed
A core group of CARC members braved the cold winter weather.  We were at Hoss's, 61 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA for our first meeting of the new year.  The eating and conversation aspect of our gathering began at 6 p.m.  The "down to business" aspect of our gathering began at 7:30 p.m.

Those who are familiar with Central Pennsylvania know that the Pennsylvania Farm Show, an annual event held in Harrisburg, draws a big crowd. I've heard attendance is about 600,000.  I thought it might benefit our club to study the reasons behind the Farm Show success and apply the lessons-learned to our Ham Radio Club.  In that spirit we had Milk Shakes at our meeting.  I decided against charging $15 for parking and was not able to supply Baked Potatoes or Breaded Mushrooms.  We did, however, create a Butter Sculpture with a Ham Radio Theme.  I did post a photograph of the sculpture on our new Facebook page.


We had a Ham Radio Activity involving the Professor Joe Taylor Digital Modes FT8, JT65 and JT9.

If you have a burning desire to renew your membership and pay 2018 Dues please spend a couple of minutes with 2018 Membership Secretary Frank Mellott KB3PQT.  Ten Dollars will get you a Full Year of every Membership Benefit we offer.

December 20, 2017 Wednesday
No Monthly Meeting in December
Status: In The Past
Please note -- We do not conduct a traditional meeting on the third Wednesday of December.

If you went to Hoss's on December 20, 2017 you may have ended up eating alone.

Enjoying a nice meal at Hoss's is still a pretty good way to spend a Wednesday evening.

December 10, 2017 Sunday
Holiday Brunch
Status: Successfully Completed

Our All Volunteer Staff planned and executed this annual event.

Thank you Valli N8QVT for taking the Lead Role in scheduling and reserving the venue for our Holiday Brunch activity.

We had 18 members and guests in attendance at TJ Rockwells in Grantham.  Six lucky people won door prizes.  They selected from among the following premium items:

  • Whistleberry Farms Raw Honey -- Quart and Pint Sized
  • Hauser Estate Wines -- several varieties including Chardonnay
  • Matangos Candies -- Assorted Chocolates and Venetian Mints
  • Family Favorites Recipies cookbook featuring Savory Chuck Roast by Shirley Halliday.
  • Hoss's Gift Card
  • Journal Book

Everyone took home a Goodie Bag containing tasty snack items such as Fig Newtons, Keebler Cheese Crackers, Lance Salted Peanuts, Nutella Spread, Hershey and York candies, Tom Sturgis Pretzels, and a store-brand Peppermint Candy Cane.

Coming Soon

Some previous events need to be reconstructed in this new format.  






















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