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Fun Fest 2019

Friday June 14, 2019

Status:  A long time in the future.

Presented by the Adams County Library System.  A little birdie told me the date of next year's event.  Mark your calendars -- yes, plural.  Please update ALL of them.  There might be a calendar inspection with prizes awarded for compliance.



An Afternoon of Learning at the Littlestown Library.

Thursday July 12, 2018
3:30 p.m.


Successfully Completed

On Thursday afternoon July 12, 2018 Harry Fasick K3EYL and Andy Forsyth AF3I gave a presentation involving Secret Codes, Spy Work, and Morse Code to all kinds of enthusiastic young people at the Littlestown Library. We were assisted by Library Manager Valli Hoski N8QTV.  Sometimes I treat our volunteers to dinner at Bella's Restaurant following the presentation.  Volunteer your services and put me to the test.  Harry and Valli twisted my arm and I honored my promise.  They enjoyed a nice stromboli.  I went for the Shrimp Fra Diavalo with a green salad.  Several among us supported local farmers by enjoying nice, cold liquid grain.

Fun Fest 2018

Friday June 8, 2018


Successfully Completed

The Adams County Library System invited Cumberland Amateur Radio Club to participate in their Community Outreach event last year.  We have been invited back for the 2018 event.  We must have done something right.  Harry Fasick, Valli Hoski, and Andy Forsyth presented the 2017 program including a hands-on introduction to Morse Code sending and receiving, and Special Event Station K3L On-The-Air from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  We were joined by Ed LeTersky. Afterwards, and completely independent of the ACLS, our CARC volunteers were treated to a social event by Andy Forsyth AF3I. Food was a very important component of this event..  


Some fellow hams visitng FUN FEST had questions about the antenna setup Harry K3EYL provided.  I did some research .

The antenna is a rotatable dipole assembled using two Ham Sticks for the desired band, and an MFJ-347 mast mount.   I found the Ham Sticks on-line at  You might find other sources.   The MFJ-347 is available wherever MFJ products are sold. 

If you take this approach to your antenna needs I recommend you use your own experiences and life-skills when assembliing the parts.  Specifically, from which direction the mounting bolts should be inserted into the mounting bracket.  Some of the pictures I found on the MFJ website make we wonder if they achieved good results.  


Field Day 2018

Saturday and Sunday

June 23 & 24, 2018

Status: Successfully Completed

Update:   We had 15 member participants on-site, perhaps another particpant offsite, and we actually made a Field Day QSO with one of our own who operated entirely from home in Class 1D.  Our Marketing and Outreach Efforts attracted one visitor participant.  Collectively we Accomplished Great Things. 


High on the list of accomplishments is that we enriched the sales and profits of the company that makes OFF -- the bug spray people.   UTZ, the potato chip people, made a small fortune off the salty snacks that fueled our efforts.  

Andy Forsyth AF3I was happy that he rented a U-Haul Truck for this Field Day.  Everything he brought to Field Day fit into the U-Haul truck on the inbound trip.  However, it required a second load in the Ford Ranger to bring the antenna supplies home on the outbound trip.  If you are missing any of your provisions better check Andy's Garage.  He might be up to something evil.  


We made a lot of contacts on a wide array of bands.  Here are the preliminary results:


CW QSOS         102 x 2 points each   = 204 points

PHONE QSOS  378 x 1 point each     = 378 points

TOTAL                                                     582 points

Power Multiplier X2                               1164 points

BONUS Points                                        950 points

Grand Total 2018 Field Day Score       2114 points


We are down 100 Bonus Points compared to 2017.  And, we had fewer 2-point CW and Digital contacts this year but a greater number of Phone contacts.


We had a nice 6 meter opening Sunday morning.  Our Resident Six Meter Expert, Doug Stenger KC3CPT. was present, grabbed the mic, and aggressively made some QSOs.  

The newly remodeled Shaffer Park Cabin was a pleasure to use.  We are very thankful for the gender specific restrooms which have completely eliminated the need to stand in line waiting for your turn. 

The new Tables and Chairs won a lot of friends among CARC Members.  Comfy is the word of the day.

The floors and tables were thoroughly cleaned at the end of our event thanks to the hard work of many people.  I saw Harry Fasick K3EYL with a wiping cloth in his hand.  I saw Steve Hancock N3FWE fully engaged with the floor mat and broom.  I saw Ed LeTersky KB3RKM wiping his brow after fulfilling his checklist obligations.  Valli Hoski N8QVT was organizing, directing, and executing all manner of activities.  Doug Stenger KC3CPT is a good person to have on hand when there is work to be done.  He did it.    Richard Johnson N3EPY was very visible, helping in all the work areas.  Dave Hile W3VRE was observed lifting bales and toting barges.   Garry Fasick K3EYK is a great caretaker of the Club's equipment. Bobbe Rothermel WA3BKK is the other half of that packing duo.  All the antennas and cables were carefully packing in a great state of readiness for the next Field Day. Doug Good KC3AB was observed with tools in hand as various antennas and masts were being disassembled. I have proof that Frank Mellott KB3PQT did a lot of work with the 75 Meter Dipole and Masts.  Andy Forsyth AF3I managed to load the trucks, unload them at home, and get the U-Haul Truck clearned, refueled and returned within the grace period.  He was about 15 minutes late returning the truck but over-compensated with a cleaning above and beyond the call of duty.

I bet I missed a person or two who also pitched in .  If you are one of them please pass me a note telling about your specialty and I will update this section to give you recognition..  

Great Food was served with special thanks to Doug Stenger KC3CPT for Grilled Supper and special thanks to Valli Hoski N8QVT and Harry Fasick K3EYL for our Lunch and Breakfast meals.  Bear in mind that without Farmers there would be No Food. 

I think we have Nancy Rothermel to thank for Brownies and Lemon Bars.  

It was good to see Ed Butterworth KB3HCU, Ed Dyer KB3IRF, and Jay Vogel KB3UWH.

A wonderful Coconut Cake arrived at the same time as Valli Hoski N8QVT and Harry Fasick K3EYL arrived.  One or both of them is a great baker.

Our Evening Entertainment was provided by Mr. or Mrs. Mouse who streaked across the Grand Ballroom floor, across the Back Porch, and was quickly scooted out the back door by an observant member of our Field Day Team who saw the whole event unfold before his eyes.  


Earlier Information:   With great thanks to Ed LeTersky for reaching out to the Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department and making the reservation we will be conducting our Field Day 2018 operations at the newly renovated Shaffer Park Cabin in Carlisle, PA.  Planning is underway.  Volunteers are sought for the many activities that make Field Day a fun and rewarding event.  Club Secretary Ed LeTersky has a list of important functions and a sign-up sheet.  Flash News -- The list has been rendered as a PDF and posted in the Files area of this website so that you can easily see which activities can benefit from your Leadership.  Volunteer now -- the lines are short -- no waiting.


I learned these words of inspiration from The Lego Movie (2014) theme song:

“Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a Team.
Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream.”

* * *   New Look   * * *

Current and Future News Above.  Old News Below

Facebook page

We have joined the world of social media. or use the magnifying glass SEARCH tool to look for Cumberland Amateur Radio Club.  If you get the Cumberland Valley Amateur Radio Club located in Chambersburg, PA scroll up or down until you find our page.  The page is in its infancy.  I welcome input from Club Members.

Fulton County Activation

Status:  Successfully Completed

Saturday October 14, 2017 CARC operated K3IEC Portable from Fulton County Pennsylvania.  This operation celebrated the heritage of Fulton County and coincided with the PA QSO Party.

Our operation began at 1600 UTC and ended about 2100 UTC.  For the Local Time Enthusiasts, that was Noon to 5 p.m. Eastern.

We had goals of operating Multi-Multi Portable with as many as four signals on the air -- Phone, CW, and perhaps RTTY on whatever bands we found open that day.  80/75, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters were all likely candidates.

FLASH -- I interrupt this paragraph for an important bulletin.

Dateline: January 2018,  State College Pennsylvania.

To all stations.  For immediate release.

The Nittany Amateur Radio Club today announced the winners of the 2017 Pennsylvania QSO Party.  

K3IEC, the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club, took FIRST PLACE in the Multi-Operator Category for Fulton County.  The five-person CARC team included KB3PQT, KC3AB, W3VRE, KC3CPT, and AF3I.  

Congratulations for your outstanding performance in this competition..


We now return to our regular programming.  


K3IEC QSL Mailing Address:





We support the following QSL process:

USA contacts -- your card and your SASE sent to Frank Mellott (see above) will trigger our return card.

VE and DX contacts -- your card sent to Frank Mellott is one option.  Or send an email request for a QSL card with our QSO info and your return address included.

Address your e-Mail to:

AF3I will cover return postage to VE/DX operators outside the USA if our QSO and QSL card is helpful to your award objectives.


Our Club is fortunate to have volunteers step forward and provide their services.  For that I am thankful and wish to recognize the Volunteers.

Frank Mellott KB3PQT -- Location Scout, Advocate, Event Organizer, Set Up, Take Down, Photographer, Provider of Food and Beverages, and Phone Operator.

Dave Hile W3VRE -- QSL Manager, Set Up, Take Down, and highly dedicated Operator.

Doug Stenger KC3CPT -- Record Breaking Field Day VHF Operator, Cargo Logistics Specialist, Set Up, Take Down, and our talented, highly-skilled Grill Chef.  Doug prepared burgers and hot dogs that could go head-to-head against Bobby Flay, and win.

Doug Good KC3AB -- Set Up, Take Down, Enthusiastic 6 Meter Operator, and Canopy Expert.  Doug is responsible for every bit of RF energy that we pumped out on 50 Mhz.

Andy Forsyth AF3I -- Quartermaster, Set Up, Take Down, Network Administrator, PC Support Technician, and CW Operator.

Bobbe Rothermel WA3BKK -- Graphic Artist, Certificate Designer, QSL Card Designer.

Garry Fasick K3EYK -- Keeper of various Club Equipment and Antennae.

Henry Mellott -- Equipment Storage, Delivery, and Take Down.

Alice S. Malone -- Photographer First Class

I. E. Coleman -- Location Finder.

We had genuine expressions of interest from two additional CARC Members but matters beyond their control interfered with their plans.  Ed Dyer KB3IRF and Steve Hancock N3FWE really wanted to be with us in the rarified atmosphere at the top of Sideline Hill in Fulton County.  We were together in spirit.



Field Day Food Sources

I get a lot of requests related to the food sources we used for FD 2017.  I really believe the requests are in response to the great quality and freshness of the food, and indicate a desire to return to those shops after Field Day for another delicious meal.

Lunchtime Submarine Sandwiches and Pizza were purchased from Nonno's OIP (Original Italian Pizza) located next to the Dairy Queen on Route 15 southbound in Dillsburg, PA.  They also provided the home-style, freshly made potato chips and two big bottles of Soda Pop.  Teleohone 717.432.3030.  These are good people.

Suppertime Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Chef Salad, and Bread were purchased from Anile's Restaurant in Boiling Springs, PA.  They make a really nice meal.  If you are hiking the Appalachian Trail you will pass within a few yards of this shop.

Both shops do a great job with Eat-In and Take-Out service.  Julia Child would have said Bon Appetit.  Lydia Bastianiach would say Buon Appetito. Ted Allen would NEVER say "You've Been Chopped" to either of these fine operations.

WinLink 2000
Steve Hancock N3FWE introduced Andy Forsyth AF3I to WinLink.  We are preparing to use this RF-based e-Mail Client as our gateway to 100 or greater Field Day Bonus Points for Message Handling.  A few practice messages have been flying around 40 meters.  Update -- we actually accomplished our objective of earning 200 Field Day Bonus Points.  A very big THANK YOU to Steve for advocating this technology and helping the Club achieve Victory.
What were they thinking?
The Crayola Company of Easton, PA has announced the elimination of one of our favorite colors.  Dandelion Yellow has met its demise.  As some of you may know, CARC Members participate in Radio Contest events.  The Teams are named for the official crayon colors I found in the big Crayola 64 box.  Jay Vogel KB3UWH and his Team Members are the Dandelion Yellow Team. What will become of them?  I think I saw a bigger box of crayons on the shelf at my favorite office supply store.  Perhaps we can find a new color for Jay's team among the many colors in the bigger box.

Community Outreach 1

Royal Kramer W3ZIF and Andy Forsyth AF3I presented Ham Radio to ten enthusiastic members of the Kids Summer Reading Program.  I was at the Library with my ICOM IC-7000 transceiver.  Royal was at his home.  We had 10 school-aged participants and a member of the nearby community who stopped in when he heard the familiar sound of Morse Code coming from the Conference Room.  Each participant talked with Royal for a few minutes describing his or her Age, Grade, School, Favorite Subjects, Favorite Sports, and Career Ambitions.

Lillian asked Royal about his most memorable ham radio experience.  Royal described his very important Public Service role during the 1955 floods on the Delaware River near Stroudsburg, PA.  Royal introduced us to the book Devastation on the Delaware written by Mary A. Shafer.  One of the chapters in this book includes a description of the assistance provided by Royal Kramer and his ham radio friends from the Allentown, PA area.  You can visit Mary Shafer's web sites at and

Thank you to Youth Service Program Leader Gina Staton for enabling us to share this introductory ham radio experience with the young people our community.

Community Outreach 2






The Littlestown Public Library (Adams County, PA) offered CARC a great opportunity to meet with their STEAM 'n' Summer group Wednesday July 12, 2017.  We talked about radio, electronics and built Short Wave Radio Receiver kits that cover the 6-8 Mhz shortwave broadcast band.  Harry Fasick, Valli Hoski, and Ed LeTersky are important contributors to our Club success and I thank them for volunteering.  It was a big crowd of young people -- I counted 21, plus some of their parents and family members.  I brought along my ICOM 7000 transceiver in case we needed a little extra listening technology.

Field Day 2017

Saturday and Sunday

June 24 & 25, 2017

Field Day 2017 took place at a different location than in prior years.  Construction work taking place at the Shaffer Park Cabin put our traditional location in jeopardy.  This yeaer we exercised our emergency preparedness procedures from the Monroe Township Fire Company in Churchtown.  I invited CARC members to join with me in planning our biggest event of the ham radio year.  Our Social Media Champion Valli Hoski N3QVT did a great job and put 100 Bonus Points on our Scoring bottom line.  Thank you to Dave Hile W3VRE for volunteering to be our Safety Officer.  We stayed safe all weekend AND earned 100 Bonus Points. Our Education Activity was conducted by Steve Hancock N3FWE.  The weather was sunny warm, and nice.  We met indoors anyway because the air conditioning and seating made that the preferred location.  Another 100 Bonus Points are in the bank.  

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