CARC Net Check-ins

Two-Meter Net ** Sunday February 10, 2019

KB3PQT, Frank     Net Control Station    Frank was the CARC NET BINGO Winner Tonight.

KC3AB, Doug

W3ZIF, Royal

N3FWE, Steve

AF3I, Andy

KC3MRX, Steve


Ten-Meter Net ** Wednesday February 13, 2019

K3EYK, Garry    Net Control Station

WA3BKK, Bobbe   Bobbe was the CARC NET BINGO Winner Tonight.

K3EYL, Harry

N8QVT, Valli

WB3IOA, Lance

AF3I, Andy


The BINGO game we are playing is based on the callsigns of those who check-in to the net.  For added excitement we draw a CARC Member callsign from the Pickled Okra Jar each time the net discussion passes to the next participant.

We play the traditional Horizontal, Vertical, and Diagonal 5-box straight lines.  In addition, we play the Four Corners, Small Diamond (four squares around the FREE space), Large Diamond (4 squares a little farther out from the FREE space) , and any of the Postage Stamps (4 in a square with one of them being the corner square).

If you attended our January 16, 2019 meeting you had the opportunity to pickup a CARC NET BINGO card.  If you were unable to attend that meeting, of if at that time you did not realize how much fun this activity was going to be, please contact Andy Forsyth to request a CARC BINGO NET card (two on one sheet of paper).  

If you check into the net and would like to participate in the BINGO game but you do not yet have a BINGO Card, Andy Forsyth will play a card for you.