CARC Two-Meter Net Check-Ins      Sunday January 27, 2019   146.490 Mhz FM Simplex

§  Frank, KB3PQT  Net Control Station

§  Royal, W3ZIF

§  Steve, N3FWE   Steve was our CARC NET BINGO Winner tonight with a diagonal of 4 callsigns plus the FREE space.

§  Doug, KC3AB

§  Andy, AF3I

§  KC3GEM Mobile joined us at the tail-end of tonight’s session.  We are glad you could hear us, and vice versa.


CARC Ten-Meter Net Check-Ins      Wednesday January 30, 2019   28.400 Mhz Upper Sideband


§ Garry, K3EYK  Net Control Station

§ Bobbe, WA3BKK   Bobbe was our CARC NET BINGO Winner tonight

§ Lance, WB3IOA

§ Andy, AF3I

•  Author:  Andrew Forsyth, AF3I