CARC Two-Meter Net Check-Ins      Sunday January 6, 2019

§  Frank, KB3PQT  Net Control Station

§  Royal, W3ZIF

§  Doug, KC3AB

§  Andy, AF3I


CARC Ten-Meter Net Check-Ins      Wednesday January 9, 2019

§  Garry, K3EYK  Net Control Station

§  Harry, K3EYL 

§  Valli, N8QVT

§  Lance, WB3IOA

§  Jay, KB3UWH

§  Andy, AF3I (listening on the side)

The nets are a good place to share ideas and information.  In the past few days I have learned how to adjust the VOX settings on my transceiver, and how to reduce the power level.  I picked up a few pointers related to web-based Weather Stations.  And I heard CARC Members having a good time chatting with each other on-the-air.  

All of this is going to play into a new competitive activity I plan to introduce at the next Cumberland Amateur Radio Club meeting to be held Wednesday January 16, 2019 at the Hoss’s Restaurant on Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA. 

I think you are going to enjoy what I have in store.  For additional information about the meeting please see our EVENTS page.  

•  Author:  Andrew Forsyth, AF3I