FCC Application Fee Effective Date Announced — Contains clarification of the License Upgrade Exception.

The new Amateur Radio license application fees will take effect on April 19, 2022.  The Federal Communications Commission’s authority to impose and collect fees is mandated by Congress.

The $35 application fee, when it becomes effective on April 19, will apply to new, renewal, and vanity call sign applications. The fee will be per application.

Most current licensees  will not be charged the new FCC application fee until they renew their license or apply for a new vanity call sign.

Administrative updates, such as a change of name, mailing address or email address, will be exempt from fees.

VECs and Volunteer Examiner (VE) teams will not have to collect the $35 fee at exam sessions.  Once the FCC application fee takes effect, new and upgrade applicants will pay any exam session fee to the VE Team as usual.  Applicants will pay the new $35 FCC application fee directly to the FCC by using the CORES FRN Registration system (CORES – Login).

When the FCC receives the examination information from the VEC, it will eMail a link with payment instructions to each successful candidate who then will have 10 calendar days from the date of the eMail to make payment.   After the fee is paid and the FCC has processed the application, Examinees will receive a second eMail from the FCC containing a link to their Official License.  The link will be valid for 30 days.

Additionally, the FCC stated that applications processed and dismissed will not be entitled to a refund.  This includes vanity requests where the applicant does not receive the requested call sign.

The FCC published the notice in the Federal Register on March 23, 2022, stating that the amateur radio application fees, including those associated with Form 605 application filings, would become effective on April 19, 2022.


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