Special Event Station W3R

Bridge scene — Norfolk Southern

The Rockville Bridge 120th Anniversary

Rockville scene — East end of the bridge



As I write this, operators from the club are hard at work getting W3R on the air. 

CARC Members are operating their stations using the 1X1 Special Event Call Sign W3R.
Operators have been on Phone, CW, and Digital.  You might even find an Operator using SSTV on 146.490 MHz during the evening hours.

This is a once in a lifetime celebration of the 120th Birthday of the Rockville Bridge, built in 1902 when “Stone” Brown was Chief Engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad. 

Today the Rockville bridge carries Norfolk Southern and Amtrak trains in their journeys between Pittsburgh and eastern Pennsylvania.


Please visit the event page https://www.radioclub-carc.com/W3R/
for more information.


Big events call for BIG LETTERS.  You won’t want to miss out.


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