Introducing the YAESU FT-710 AESS

The ham radio internet world is abuzz this week with the announcement of the new Yaesu FT710.  This is 160-6M  transceiver. 100 Watt output.


The preliminary information on the Yaesu website seems to indicate this is a replacement for the FT891.   Ham Radio Outlet has the FT891 steeply discounted at this time.


The new FT710 has 2 USB ports and a built in antenna tuner.   It appears to be a miniaturized version of the FT10DX.  It is not clear from the Yaesu site or the articles I have seen if it has a built in sound card.  I expect it does, but do not know.

If you have a FT891 and you are looking for a very portable HF radio with 100 Watt capability, the FT710 looks like a good option. 


This device has not yet been approved by the FCC and may not be marketed or sold until approval has been given.  Guess-timated availability is in Late August or September 2022.


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Frank KB3PQT



Are You a Fan of Portable Operation?

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See ‘ya down the log.

Frank KB3PQT


Frank Mellott on-the-air using portable ham radio equipment.
Frank Mellott, KB3PQT operating as a Portable Station