Member HELP

Here are a few Questions and Answers that may be helpful to CARC Members who were on holiday when we introduced the concept of putting private club information behind the password protected MEMBER AREA page.

If you are puzzled by the screen that asks you to enter your password then this page is going to be helpful  for you.


Q1.)  I am a member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club.  I am an infrequent user of this website and a bit forgetful.  I would really enjoy reading the content that has been protected behind the Member Area Password.  But, I am drawing a blank when I try to remember the password.  Can you help me?

•Grace Underfyre


A1.)  Absolutely.  Please eMail yourpassword / access request to:

He will send the Member Area Password to the eMail address we have for you in our membership records.


Q2.)  There is so much great content on this website that i simply don’t know where to begin.  I am somewhat overloaded.  Can you point me to a simple starting point?

• Les Moore


A2.)  Thank you for that great question.  Good places to begin include the following:

• What’s New.  Link to this page from the box having the same name near the top of our Home Page.  Once you are in the What’s New page you will see summaries and links to our newest content.

• News (this is our Blog).  Link to this page from the Main Menu bar.

• Member Area What’s New.  Link to this page from the Main Menu bar and then use the drop-down menu.


Q3.)  I am SO far behind in paying my annual membership dues.  I am worried that you are going to kick me out of the club.  How can I pay my dues and get back on track?

• Will Paysune


A3.)  Our Meeting Agenda carries this topic each month under the Old Business heading.  If you have access to the Meeting Agenda PDF located behind MEMBER AREA > MEMBER HOME PAGE you wil find our payment options and instructions listed there.

If you do not have access to the Meeting Agenda please email Club President AF3I requesting Annual Membership Dues Payment Options.

Short Version of what you will find in the Meeting Agenda.

1.)  You can pay your annual dues by mailing a $10 check to our Membership Secretary, N3EPY.  I am reluctant to post personal mailing addresses here on the website.  You can initiate eMail contact with and request USPS mailing address information by sending your eMail to:

2.)  You can use our Square Payment option to pay your $10 annual dues plus a modest $1 convenience fee for a total payment amount of $11.  Contact Newsletter Editor / Website Administrator AF3I and request that he eMail you a Membership Dues Payment Invoice. 


You can pay the invoice from the convenience of your in-Box with just a few clicks. 

Please Note:  Take responsibility for your own data security.  Do not send CARC electronic payments to anyone other than AF3I and do so only when you know you have initiated a request.

AF3I will NEVER ask you to send him any payments via gift cards.  If someone asks you to send gift cards to pay a bill that just might be a scam.  Beware !


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Q4.)   I was trying to do the right thing by answering my own question through use of the SEARCH TOOL.  That tool usually does a good job, but it did not find any of the content that I know darned well appears somewhere in the MEMBER AREA.  What gives?

• Maya Results-Knotfound


A4.)  Your website administrator finds himself between a rock and a hard place.  The MEMBER AREA pages are configured with a Password Required setting.  We use this setting to limit access to certain information that we are willing to share with our own Members, but not with “the whole world”.  When the SEARCH TOOL encounters password protected pages it does not drill into the page content.  Even though you know that the information exists somewhere in the Member Area, the search tool is unable to access those pages and returns nothing.