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Next Meeting

June 19, 2019

  • Dinner Time:    6:00pm
  • Meeting Time:  7:15pm
  • End Time: By    8:45pm
  • Hoss’s Restaurant
  • 61 Gettysburg Pike
  • Mechanicsburg, PA

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Most Recent Update:  May 17, 2019

Event Information


Two Meter Net

We meet on 146.490 Mhz FM Simplex each Sunday evening
at 7 p.m. Local Time.

Net Control:  KB3PQT

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to check-in.




Event Status:

On Schedule


Ten Meter Net

We meet on 28.400 Mhz USB each Wednesday evening
(except Club Meeting Night)
at 8 p.m. Local Time.

Net Control: K3EYK

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to check-in.




Event Status:

On Schedule


Monthly Meeting

Members, Guests and Visitors meet the third Wednesday of each month (except December) — usually at Hoss’s, 61 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA. 

Arrive for Dinner (Dutch Treat) about 6 p.m.  Our Meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. and ends by 8:45 p.m.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Event Status:

June 19
On Schedule



The next special event will be in the future — duh. 

The event itself remains to be determined.

This paragraph is nothing more than idle chatter for the sole purpose of filling space in order to position this design block for alignment purposes. 

That should do the job.



Event Status:

Awaiting Scheduling

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A full calendar year of CARC Membership Benefits can be yours for $10. 

We have a special offer for First Time Newly Licensed Amateur Radio OperatorsFree First Year Membership.  Come see us within six months of your first license effective date and the next 12 months of CARC Membership are on us.

We have a special offer for Super-Senior Amateur Radio Operators.  If you have achieved the milestone event of Age 90 or greater your CARC Membership dues will be waived.

Download the CARC Membership Application PDF

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I saw this slogan in a place that regularly talks about the need to continually innovate in order to remain relevant to your Customers.  I took the words to heart.  They represent the way any successful business needs to think about its future.  No longer is it good enough to be rock solid day after day.  

I invite and encourage creativity in our Cumberland Amateur Radio Club.  Come join us if you wish.  

Meeting information can be found in the EVENTS page.

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Andy Forsyth, AF3I has retired from his (almost) life-long career in the supermarket business.  The same job that focused on putting food on the tables of our many Customers also put food on my family’s table.  Thank you to all who made this possible.

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CARC, through its Club President Andrew Forsyth AF3I, now accepts electronic payments processed through Square.

If you would like to make a payment or donation please see Andrew Forsyth.  For in-person payments we are equipped to securely process Chip Cards, Contactless Cards, and Magnetic Stripe Cards.  Or, if you wish to pay from the comfort of your own home we can generate an invoice and email to you for secure processing using Square.   

There is no need for you to sign-up or have special accounts in those other payment processing apps.  

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