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Membership Information

You will find FAQs and answers to help you think about becoming a member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club.

Just in case the FAQs and our answers leave you wondering about something, we have a Contact Form farther down the page.  You can submit your question directly to the CARC Membership Secretary and other Club Leadership.


“Cumberland Amateur Radio Club is the Go-To destination for newly licensed Ham Radio Operators and others who have questions about the many things they can do after earning their FCC Amateur Radio License.  We will help you get started.”

Membership Application       

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club we invite you to attend our meeting, tell us a little bit about your ham radio interests, and ask any questions you may have. 

To apply for membership:

  • Please download our Fillable PDF Membership Application Form.
  • Save the file on your device.  
  • Fill-in the requested information.
  • Save the updated file on your device.
  • Return your completed application via e-Mail addressed to:
  • Our Membership Secretary will receive and review your application. 
  • As part of the next club meeting highlights of your application will be presented to Club Members for their consideration.  An affirmative vote by a majority of the members present is needed for acceptance into membership.
  • Our Membership Secretary will inform you of any membership dues you may owe and receive your payment.  Upon completion you will be recognized as a Member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club and awarded a personalized membership card.  

FAQs and Answers

Membership FAQ

How much are the dues?

Members of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club pay dues of $10.00 per calendar year — due January 1 of the year with a grace period lasting until March 31 of the year.

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Is there any adjustment of the dues for members who join late in the year?

Your annual membership dues are payable on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1 of the year.

Your membership dues will be prorated if you become a member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club later in the year.

Anyone joining in May, June, or July will be given a 25% discount off the standard dues assessment for that year.

Anyone joining in August, September, or October will be given a 50% discount off the standard dues assessment for that year.

Anyone joining in November or December will be given a 100% discount off the standard dues assessment for that year..

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What are the benefits of Membership?

There is a long-standing tradition of agriculture analogies in central Pennsylvania.  Here’s one:  “as you sow, so you shall reap.”

The purpose of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club, as stated in our formal organization documents, says:

“The purpose of the Club shall be to promote enjoyment of Amateur Radio by providing support to those members holding an Amateur Radio license and to aid, instruct and counsel such members and other interested persons desiring assistance in preparing for license examinations.  The Club shall endeavor to meet the needs of its members and the community through social, public service, emergency preparedness, technical advancement, and educational activities in the field of Amateur Radio communications.”

As a member of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club you will be able to draw upon the collective experiences of all members having similar interests.  You might think of the Club as an idea exchange or a sounding-board for something you have been thinking about.

Another analogy — The sum is greater than its parts.

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What are your dues payment options?

Annual dues are $10.00, payable as of January 1 with a grace period through March 31.  After March 31 any unpaid dues are in arrears.

Our Membership Secretary will receive and process your Annual Membership Dues payment at just about any of the monthly meetings.  If the Membership Secretary is not present our Club Treasurer will accept your payment and notify the Membership Secretary.


We accept the following methods of payment:

Cash (U.S. Dollars).  The exact amount of your payment is appreciated.

Check, payable to CUMBERLAND AMATEUR RADIO CLUB  in U.S. Dollars will be accepted.

If you are not able to attend one of the monthly meetings, upon request our Membership Secretary will provide to you a mailing address where you can mail your payment check.  Please complete and submit the Membership Information Contact Form (shown below) to request mailing address information.

Members who wish to use a Credit Card as their method of payment are asked to work with the club Website Administrator  Andrew Forsyth (AF3I).  He has a SQUARE PAYMENT account used for conducting club business. 

Face-to-Face (in-person) payments will be processed through SQUARE PAYMENT using your chip card or magnetic stripe card.

We also offer an e-Mailed Payment Invoice option using SQUARE PAYMENT.  The Payment Invoice contains a secure link to the SQUARE PAYMENT system where you enter your credit card information to complete the transaction.

Credit Card payments will have a $1 Convenience Fee in addition to the $10.00 Annual Membership Dues to help offset our costs of offering this payment option.

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Where can I get a Membership Application?

The closest location for a downloadable CARC Fillable Membership-Application [PDF] is on this line, a few words to the left.  Click the link.

Next, in terms of easy access, is the JOIN US > MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION page.  Click the big button to initiate a download of our Fillable PDF Membership Application.
Step-by-step instructions are posted nearby.

We also have a downloadable Fillable PDF Membership Application at the bottom-right corner of the JOIN US > ABOUT US page.

Additionally, we have a downloadable Fillable PDF Membership Application PDF on the KNOW-HOW RESOURCES > OTHER DOCUMENTS YOU MAY ENJOY READING page.

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