Learn to Succeed

Success isn’t something that happens by accident – you need to learn and work hard to achieve success.


The following articles are a way we “pay it forward” for what we’ve learned from others in the past.  Download the PDF files that interest you.


Frank Mellott, KB3PQT is the author of the articles in his How Do I… series.  

Each article provides a brief introduction to the topic as well as some How To tips for enjoying the Ham Radio hobby.  For some, this information will be a refresher of lessons learned in the past.  For others, we invite you to read and learn from one of our enthusiastic Ham Radio Mentors, or as we call them, an ELMER.


When you click the link you will be taken to a new page where you will see a thumbnail image of the selected document.  Click on the thumbnail and the full-sized document will download.


Getting Started in Ham Radio 

Part of the How Do I… series

Your Radio Station…

Part of the How Do I… series



Field Day Memento Booklets

Photos, Scores, Graphs, and Narrative

Newly Licensed.  What Can I Do?

Part of the How Do I… series

Public Service

Part of the How Do I… series