Our People…

Elected and Appointed Club Leadership

Photograph (headshot) of ham radio operator KB3PQT.

Frank Mellott, KB3PQT

President — 2024

Information forthcoming soon.

Contact information for CARC President:
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address your message to: president@RadioClub-CARC.com

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Doug Stenger, KC3CPT

Vice-President — 2024   Quartermaster — 2024

Information forthcoming soon..

Contact information for CARC Vice-President:
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address your message to: vicepres@RadioClub-CARC.com

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Garry Fasick, K3EYK

Treasurer — 2024

Garry Fasick conducts and keeps accurate records of the business transactions approved by the club membership.

Contact information for CARC Treasurer:
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address your message to: treasurer@RadioClub-CARC.com

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Paula Anstine, KC3UVH

Secretary — 2024

Our Club Secretary captures and reports the details of our Club business meetings.

Contact information for CARC Secretary:
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address your message to: secretary@RadioClub-CARC.com

Image is a black and white graphic icon representing a radio station microphone.

Dave Smith, W3SOX

Club License Trustee — 2024

Dave Smith carries a big responsibility of ensuring that our use of the Club Station License K3IEC conforms with the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Contact information for CARC Club License Trustee:
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address your message to: trustee@RadioClub-CARC.com

Image is a head and shoulders photograph of ham radio operator N3EPY.

Richard Johnson, N3EPY

Membership Secretary — 2024

Richard Johnson is the person to see when you would like to renew your membership.  Richard will receive your $10 Annual Dues Payment and issue a CARC Membership Card.

Richard characterizes every aspect of Leadership that any organization could hope to achieve.  Thank you Richard Johnson for  your free-will offering to fill this important Club position.
You are an inspiration to all of us.

Contact information for CARC Membership Secretary:
eMail Membership Secretary
address your message to: Membership@RadioClub-CARC.com

Our Amazing Volunteer Leadership Team

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here at Cumberland Amateur Radio Club if it wasn’t for our dedicated volunteer Leadership Team.  They make Great Things Happen.

Steve Hancock         N3FWE            Radio Innovation Czar

Steve Hancock         N3FWE            Photographer

Maura Smith-Mitsky    KC3JJH           Historian / Archivist

Mark & Paula Anstine  KC3UVG/KC3UVH    Operations Gurus

Your Name Here                         Volunteers Encouraged

Thank you for everything you do to support CARC !

Image is a group photograph of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club members upon completion of their annual Field Day event.