Our club members and other close friends occasionally find themselves with items they no longer need.  You may find treasures among our listings.  Go ahead, take a look.


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Some material things are so precious as to defy assigning a price to the transaction.  When such items exist our Caretakers would like you to benefit from the bounty they wish to share.


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Have a powerful craving for something bigger than a Snickers bar?  Tell the world your wants and needs.  If one of our readers has what you are seeking he/she will be in touch with you.

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Image is a black and white graphic image of a FOR SALE sign handing from a sign post.

Image is a black and white graphic image of a FOR SALE sign handing from a sign post.

Image is a black and white graphic image of a FOR SALE sign handing from a sign post.

Image is a black and white graphic image of a FOR SALE sign handing from a sign post.Image is a black and white graphic image of a FOR SALE sign handing from a sign post.

Note:  Cumberland Amateur Radio Club provides space to its members and other close friends who act as Buyers and Sellers to advertise and promote their wares.
Cumberland Amateur Radio Club is unable to vouch for the quality or value of what the Buyers and Sellers offer.
Cumberland Amateur Radio Club is not a party to any buying or selling transactions that may arise from this Marketplace.  Have a Nice Day!

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For Sale — The Price is Right

A lifetime worth of amateur radio treasure has accumulated at the home and garage of W3BJG. 
Dave would like to tidy-up the place with your help.

Dave gave me some secret code words to describe the prices of these items.
Good Stuff, Cheap    and    The Price is Right.
You will need to wheel and deal with Dave using your own secret code words — How Low Can You Go?

I offered to post the items Dave wishes to unload.  If the details are sketchy you should work directly with Dave and align what he can offer with your areas of interest.

You can contact Dave Germeyer W3BJG via eMail at:

You can call Dave Germeyer W3BJG on the landline.  717 432-3103    Dave has a “lights-out” curfew about 10 p.m.  Eastern Time Zone.  If you call, please call earlier.

ANALOG METER MOVEMENTS — lots of them.  See the PDF listings below for details.  Note: the listings were created in the past.  There may have been changes to the actual inventory since then.  

Scanned Document Page 1 of 2

Scanned Document Page 2 of 2

AUDIO CONNECTORS — assortment of 3.5mm (1/8″) audio connectors, both stereo and mono.  And both plugs (M) and jacks (F).  Also a lot of mic. cables, rubber covered and multi stranded.

BOOKS —  A few years ago Dave cleaned out his large collection of books.  There are just a few stragglers remaining.  You may find something that suits you.

CAPACITORS — Many air dielectric variable capacitors.


CRYSTALS — Part of Dave’s career involved the frequency control industry.  He has lots to offer.  Some pressure mounts, both FT-243 holders and larger holders.  Lots of metal can enclosures, small and large.

ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS — Lots and lots of small electronic components, too numerous to mention here until Dave has had a chance to inventory them.  

FERRITE CORES.  Several sample boxes of ferrite cores.  Heath Balun Coil assembly. 

HAND TOOLS — There are a lot and some would be considered antiques.

KITS — Dave has a list of kits that he purchased over the years.  Some are partially assembled and some are un-touched.  When I find the list that Dave mentioned I will post a link here.

SMALL METAL ENCLOSURES.  Dave used the word “CANS” which might be a literal description, or jargon.  Some copper, others steel.  Great for creating sub-assemblies.


RF ADAPTERS — Many “between series” RF Adapters

TUBES.   A few.

VHF and UHF ANTENNAS — Working from memory, Dave recalls a 6 Meter Beam, a 6 Meter HALO, a 2 Meter/70cm dual band antenna, perhaps a 220 MHz antenna, and maybe even at 440 MHz Yagi antenna.   Dave reminisces about being the Net Control Station on the .43 Repeater.

VINTAGE ELECTRONIC COMPUTERS — A lot of electronic things that have not yet been itemized.  Dave mentions some old Radio Shack TRS-80 vintage hardware.  Also some other vintage handheld computers.

And, some household / workshop items that do not directly involve Amateur Radio.  They include:

Air Compressor and Assorted Pneumatic Accessories.
Wheel Barrow.
Snow Thrower — both small and large sizes.
Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.  Needs some carburetor work.

Assorted Garden Implements,
Snow Shovels,
Small Pot Bellied Stove made in Florin, PA.  Burns either coal or wood.
Leaf Blower.
Electric Chain Saw.
Electric Hedge Trimmer.
Shop Vacuum.

Dave mentioned that the above non-radio items might not be available until he moves out of his current residence.



For Sale — 

Complete Ham Radio Station for sale by Jim Murray, call sign K2HN.   
Jim moved to this area not too long ago and is saddled with HOA restrictions that limit his enjoyment of the ham radio hobby.

Some of the major items in this package deal are:

Yaesu FTDX-10 transceiver with roofing filter (300hz)

Yaesu FT-920 transceiver with 400hz CW filter and Yaesu SP8 speaker

Bencher chrome key

Astron RS20A power supply

Alpha Delta 4 Desk model coax switch

Heil Gold Elite microphone with stand

All manuals and many accessories and books.

End Fed Half Wave Antenna for 40-10 Meters
Whip Dipole Antenna for 6 Meters

Asking $2,000.00 for complete station or will sell individual components.  All in excellent condition. 

Located in Shippensburg, PA.  If interested, please call 717-477-2528 after 9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time


AF3I writing again…..

Jim mentioned to me that he has done his homework by comparing selling prices for the same make and model equipment.  

Jim takes pride in the clean appearance of the equipment he is selling.

Act quickly as this equipment will be advertised in the local newspaper beginning Wednesday June 15, 2022.





Sold — Can we advertise your items?

This package features the long mast which extends to 18 feet in height (19 feet’  when mounted in the tripod).  The additional height is ideal for operators who are looking to increase antenna height above ground to improve efficiency and lower the takeoff angle of the standard dipole configuration.




Trade Only — No Cash Offers !

Want some good stuff?  Like a Made-in-the-USA tote bag and a book on amateur radio topics such as antennas, VOIP, emergency power — perhaps more.

Make us an offer!  Step up to serve the club in a meaningful way!

Trade what you know for something you can use.  Your club is itching to have its members step up and deliver a meeting presentation.

Send your offer straight to the person at the top of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club Org Chart.






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