Your Amateur Radio License

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Articles near the top of this page are intended to help people interested in learning how to prepare for the first Amateur Radio License Exam.   

Additional articles describe some of the things the newly licensed Amateur Radio Operator can do after receiving his or her FCC License.

Articles appearing later on the page can be a starting point for the Ham Radio Operator who is considering upgrading to the next level license.

Technician License Exam

Studying for the Technician License Exam.  This is the first level of Amateur Radio Licensing.

Part of the How Do I… series.

Study for the Technician Exam [PDF]

I Have My Technician License

Congratulations — you received your license.  Here are some thoughts on what you can do to get started in Ham Radio.

Part of the How Do I… series.


New Technician License [PDF]


What Do I Do Next?

Here are some ideas about what you might keep in mind when looking for a ham radio transceiver.  A radio is the key to enjoying the privileges granted by your new Amateur Radio License .

Part of the How Do I… series.

What Do I Do Next? [PDF]

Many Flavors of Ham Radio

The author of this article describes 28 different special-interests in the Ham Radio hobby.  Some are technical.  Some are social.  Part 1 of 2 parts.

Part of the How Do I… series.

Flavors of Ham Radio [PDF]

More Flavors of Ham Radio

Here in Part 2, the author of this article continues what was started in Part 1.  The second half of the 28 Ham Radio special-interests are described.

Part of the How Do I… series.

More Flavors of Ham Radio [PDF]

It’s What You Make It

Ham Radio shares some concepts with Gardening or Farming.  You will reap what you sow.  Read about the ways in which you can enjoy the hobby.

Part of the How Do I… series.

It’s What You Make It [PDF]

The Reluctant Ham

Insight on why some people study, pass the Amateur Radio License Exam (for job-related reasons) and then miss out on what the hobby has to offer.

Part of the How Do I… series.

The Reluctant Ham [PDF]

Upgrade to General Class

Information describing the next level of Amateur Radio Licenses — General Class — and why you might consider upgrading your license.

Part of the How Do I… series.


Upgrade to General Class [PDF]

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