Ham Radio Operators who are long-standing members of the American Radio Relay League have grown accustomed to finding an April Fools article in the April issue of QST Magazine.

Sometimes the articles jump off the page as being the one you were looking for.  Other times it can be quite a challenge to differentiate the genuine technical content from the April Fools joke.

This year I am stumped.  I need your help.   Please read the magazine cover-to-cover.  Then answer the question below.

Thank you and 73,
Andrew Forsyth   AF3I



If you found the QST April Fools article please share your discovery with us. Page Number, Title, or some other relevant information will secure your claim

While standing in the checkout line at my favorite grocery store I spent a brief moment reading the scholarly publications offered at the checkout counter.  They had run out of the Harvard Business Review, Barrons, and The Wall Street Journal.  However, something called The National Enquirer caught my eye.  I decided to model our Cumberland Amateur Radio Club News Page after what I saw.  Their headline sounded so good that I wanted it to be my headline too.

Photos and other content that CARC Members send to me are very much appreciated.  I did receive some materials from one of our active members and I will be posting those contributions this evening.  

I invite additional activity.  This is where you can make a difference.

I offered Selfie-Sticks to all those who attended our most recent meeting.  Much the same as the main character in the Clement Moore poem, visions of sugar plums danced through my head as I envisioned all the photographic material and web page content that soon would grace my email inbox.  I went home Wednesday night with as many Selfie-Sticks as I had on my in-bound voyage.

Perhaps you were simply overwhelmed with the outpouring of Member Appreciation Night goodies.  That’s okay.  Here comes a fresh opportunity.  Forget the Selfie-Sticks.  Any photo will do the job.  Your best anecdote will rival anything that Jack Benny or Milton Berle ever put on the AM radio.  

I will be waiting.  

73,   Andrew Forsyth  AF3I



For almost as long as I have been maintaining this website, the Vice President of our Club has been hounding me, as well as other club members, to join with him and write a How Do I… article.  He generously offered several topics.  There was one topic that pretty much had my name written all over it.  I took the bait.

The nature of this article is intended to be humorous.  I hope that fact will be self-evident when you set your eyes on Page 1, but sometimes I just have to prepare the reader for what comes next.   For those reasons I decided against posting such a light-hearted text among all the serious stuff that has been posted on our RESOURCES page.     

Here it is, a downloadable PDF called: I Operate CW


•  Author:  Andrew Forsyth  AF3I