**  Wanna play?  Outside!  **

Members of the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club will be meeting at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in the future on Saturday, September 23, 2023 to provide a common meeting area and on-site Elmers for those wishing to activate POTA Park K-1398.

Those wishing to participate should:

  1. Watch this space for more information.
  2. If you do not have your own POTA account, please register at Parks on the Air | POTA | Parks program for amateur radio.
  3. Watch the weather, dress accordingly and bring whatever sustenance you need.

The club will have water and snacks on hand.

If you wish to use a headset or operate CW, please bring whatever you need and an adapter, usually 1/4” to 1/8”.  Transceivers and antennas will be provided.  We will be operating off battery power. 

Not able to come to the park?  Will you be operating from home?  Check the POTA website Parks on the Air | POTA for both the scheduled activation and spotting as the day goes on. If you work us, spot us please!


Questions?  Please contact President@radioclub-carc.com.

For more information about POTA, Portable Operations and another topics, follow the trail to:



See ‘ya down the log.

Frank KB3PQT


Editor’s Note:   You might want to study a map of the park prior to the event. 

Here is a link you may find helpful:



As Frank mentioned in his Point #1 – Watch this space for more information (such as where you will find the meeting area.)