Great Day,

CARC has had a Things To-Do page for several years.   This page delivers listings of Hamfests, Contests, License Training Classes, License Exam Sessions, On-The-Air Nets, Radio Club Meetings (ours!), and Face-To-Face get-togethers.

The format of our Things To-Do page is driven by the website software plug-in we use — The Event Calendar.  The best view we offer on that page is a LIST which shows each event on your screen in a date-oriented sequence    There are search tools to help you locate the type of events that capture your interest.

We listened when our reading audience told us — YOU GUYS NEED TO HAVE MONTHLY AND WEEKLY VIEWS OF THE EVENTS.  Can you tell that they were shouting?
Your web administrator and others have been working on how best to present the Monthly and Weekly views.  We are at the point where there is something we can show you.

Navigation from the top menu bar:   THINGS TO-DO >> GOOGLE CALENDAR – PUBLIC

There are buttons you can push to bring up various views:  Monthly, Weekly, Agenda (List).  Or, click on a specific event and see the details.

We are still fine-tuning the format of the events after they have been exported from our legacy calendar and imported into our Google Calendar.
If it isn’t pretty on the day you visit, please try again.