What’s New…


We have retired the original design of our club website and replaced it with a newly designed site Powered by WordPress and Built with BoldGrid.  Our website hosting continues to be supplied by QTH.com, and Scott Neader, KA9FOX.  If you need Hosting or other Web Services Scott runs a great company that I confidently recommend.

The new site incorporates features and functionality that was beyond our capability using the old Site Builder development tools.

  • Pages are rendered using formats that automatically adapt to the browser and make good use of its capabilities — PCs, Tablets, and Mobile Phones.
  • We now have a password-protected Members Only Page.  I’ve started small with the Membership Roster protected behind the password.  I’ve made provision for Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes in this area as well.
  • Photos can be placed with greater flexibility compared to the original site that offered a single Photo Album.
  • The WordPress User Community is large and WordPress Developers are everywhere you look meaning that we should have no difficulty maintaining the site.
  • Did you see the CARC favicon?  It’s New!