Who:               Listed in the body of the message.

What:              The CARC Derby

Where:            Ponderosa Park, Dillsburg PA

When:             Saturday May 6, 2023

Why:                To hone our skills in preparation The Big One – Field Day


A group of stylishly dressed ladies and gentlemen were sighted at the park on Saturday.   Lady participants were seen wearing fascinators.  Gentlemen participants wore stylish hats from the Maura Collection.  Alas, even though it was obviously a casual outing, no ascots or tuxedos were observed.

Discreet inquiry determined the group was there to participate in the Cumberland Amateur Radio Club’s version of the 149th Kentucky Derby! 

The group erected a 40 meter dipole, a 20 meter dipole and two end fed multiple band antenna and set up four transmitters.  Contacts were made in the 7th Call Area QSO Party, the Indiana QSO Party and with several Parks On The Air (POTA) activators and special event stations, under the K3IEC club call or operator’s individual calls.

The party consisted of twelve humans and one canine.  They are:  Andrew AF3I, Frank KB3PQT, Doug KC3CPT, Maura KC3JJH, Dave KC3OSG, Mark KC3UVG, Paula KC3UVH, Harry K3EYL, Garry K3EYK, Glenn K3SWZ, Steve N3FWE, Dave W3BJG and radio dog Thelma. 

Lunch was procured from Millennium Pizza in Dillsburg, PA.  The group consumed four Italian Pies and other fare. including  Cheese, Pepperoni, Garbage. and a plain Philly Cheese Steak (no sauce).  All present received Tangible Rewards in the form of an ARRL Mini Log Book.  In addition, Steve N3FWE received a tube of coax seal, Doug KC3CPT received a book on antennas, Garry K3EYK received a Power Werx battery pack, Dave KC3OSG received a book on antennas, Dave W3BJG received a Power Werx battery pack and Harry K3EYL received a book on antennas.


For more information about radios, setting up your station  and another topics, follow the trail to



See ‘ya down the log.

Frank KB3PQT


Field Day Logging 

Editor’s Note:  Originally written for 2022.  This document has been updated for 2024.

If you are doing Field Day 2024 from home (we understand the whole world cannot do Field Day at Shaffer Park) you will want some logging software.

Most of us use the N3FJP logging software for Field Day. Current version is 6.68


If you plan to make fewer than 30 contacts, the Field Day app can be free.  A la carte, this one application is $8.99, or go whole-hog and buy the entire N3FJP suite, every program, with upgrades for $59.99  An incredible value.

If you want something completely free the best alternative I know of is the N1MM+ logger.      https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/

I used N1MM+ for a few contests and while easy to use, the N3FJP software is just so much easier to set-up.   My contesting style will cause W3SOX and AF3I to scream “no”  but I typically wake up Saturday, cannot find anything better to do, turn the radio on, hear a contest, realize I can probably make a few Qs then I go looking for the software.  By the time that is done, the band has faded out and I didn’t do so well. N3FJP just seems easier to find the right contest software and install it.


While you are at it, the 13 Colonies Special Event is coming (most likely July 1-7, 2024).  The N3FJP Amateur Contact Log easily handles that event.  After you launch AC Log, be sure to click on View >> 13 Colonies for an enhanced tracking tool developed by Scott, Kimberly, and Chris.


The Pennsulvania QSO Party (PAQP) is coming as well on October 12 and 13, 2024.


For a lot more on computerized logging  and other fun radio stuff, please follow the trail:



See ‘ya down the log.

Frank KB3PQT





Upcoming State QSO Parties — Ohio and Hawai`i

Cumberland Amateur Radio Club has a goal of building its bench strength in preparation for a big showing in Field Day 2021.

Part of our preparation strategy calls for placing greater emphasis on the many State QSO Parties and using them as a development opportunity.  Many of the skills that an operator needs for Field Day are the same skills as she or he would use when operating in a State QSO Party.

Our approach begins by reviewing the QSO Party Rules looking for areas that can be standardized and simplified for the beginning contester entering as a single operator station. 

So, here we are at the end of July 2020 making our plans and drumming up interest. 

To our south, the bordering state of Maryland has the Maryland-DC QSO Party on the horizon with an August 8 date.  

To our west, the bordering state of Ohio has the Ohio QSO Party around the corner with an August 22 date.
And, if there is someplace I would love to have on my Bucket List it is the 50th State with its Hawaii QSO Party, also with an August 22 date.

Go back a few days in the News Blog and you will find a link to the MDC QSO Party summary that was written as a starter.

Once you have the Maryland-DC QSO Party under your belt please set your sights on Ohio and Hawaii.
Here are a couple of links that will take you to our content.


I am so ready to learn about the OHIO QSO Party. Take me to the PDF.

I can handle two QSO parties at the same time. Take me to the Hawaii QSO Party PDF.